21 day fix or Hammer and Chisel coffee




I wanted to make a quick post today about coffee. I had been trying different things out for days and trying different recipes and I could not find anything I liked. I love creamer and I had given up on all these recipes until my friend gave me an idea. She suggested that I use canned coconut milk. I tried it and it was great!

I highly recommend it and all I do is put 1/2 a blue container of canned coconut milk (not the coconut milk that can be a regular milk substitute make sure its those that come in a can)  and add a pack of stevia. You can use more milk or less depending on your taste. I had tried coconut oil before but it was just too oily for me and I didn’t like the texture. This did the trick and I can have my daily cup of coffee again.


I hope this helped 😊




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